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Successes achieved by the AL FAISAL ACADEMY, since its dedication in 2001, have led to establishing THE ARABIAN EDUCATION AND TRAINING GROUP in order to meet increasing demands  of both education and training on the one hand and enhancing productivity in the public, as well as , the private sector.


Right from start we have been keen on intensifying our efforts to elevate our status to one of pioneering  in the field of education and training and also to serve as a source of expertise in such fields and to lead the process of innovation and development in the Kingdom.


It is to develop the potential of Saudi citizens of different social strata through education and training; utilizing the latest scientific and technological means, committing ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and competence, in keeping with the concept of the integrated solutions that give priority to the needs of customers.


We aim at contributing  in implementing the development plans, witnessed by the Kingdom, through  creating a mechanism to develop the potential of  existing and  /or employees. And also to develop and implement different programs and courses that meet the requirements of the job market. And further to hire competent and experienced staff, together with affiliating with local and international specialist agencies to help develop and implement the above programs.
THE ARABIAN EDUCATION AND TRAINING (AETG) established in 2004, incorporates the following companies as well:


It is one of the AETG companies. It is specialized in teaching English language, computer sciences and administrative training for students of both genders. It is considered   one of the largest education and training centers in the Kingdom. Since its establishment in 2001 the Academy has trained more than 41000 trainees; the Academy, further, has an international testing center offering the following tests:


It is the most important American test, and the most widespread and certified by the universities to determine the levels of the trainees in English proficiency.


It is a certified British test recognized by many universities to determine the levels of the trainees in English proficiency.


It is a specialized test for English and international communications, it aims at testing individual skills and potentials, required for the job market, it concentrates on listening and reading skills.


It has been approved to be held  the Oxford English test in the Kingdom for the first time. It is quite similar to the other international tests.
Further, the Academy hosts a number of short courses, including:

  • Conversations
  • Medical terms.
  • Engineering terms, beside many others.


It is a joint venture, between:

  • The Arabian Education and Training Group and
  • Al Roshed Group.

It is concerned with publishing, distributing and supplying Arabic and English books .to the universities and language teaching academies. It represents a host of significant foreign publishers, such as Cambridge, Oxford, McGraw Hill, Pearson and Wagon Willy. 


It is a joint venture among:

  • The AETG
  • Al Roshed Group, and
  • The Techno Ledge Emirati Investment Company

It is specialized in of renowned scientific E-Books and periodicals, database and information; making same available to universities, oil and gas companies, and engineering companies. The company represents more than 60 worldwide publishers (the company has  a digital library). 

The Academic Company for Educational Services:

It is a joint venture between:

  • The AETG, and
  • The Academic Company for Educational Services

The company owns Al Jawda Private Schools, It offers general education with its three phases. It serves such purposes using the highly developed programs and electronic classrooms where advanced curricula are taught.


It was established in 2005, under the title: THE ARABIAN EDUCATION AND TRAINING GROUP, the JORDAN BRANCH, it was registered as a Jordanian company; it offers the following programs  for the trainees in the Hashemite Jordanian Kingdom:

  • MA in Information Technology (IT) and Educational Communication.
  • A Higher Diploma in Information Technology (IT) and Educational Communication.
  • A General Diploma in Information Technology for Education.
  • A Professional Diploma in Electronic Governance.
  • A project for establishing Microsoft International Academy to qualify medical trainees, through Cabling Health Company.


It is a joint venture between:

  • The AETG
  • The AVANTA UK  Company

It facilitates employing Saudi citizens, through establishing employment offices in the different provinces of the Kingdom. This is accomplished through coordinating among universities, higher institute, the private sector’s companies and corporations; this is done under the supervision of the human resources development fund.

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